Asuka vs Ivelisse

Asuka vs Ivelisse
Asuka vs Ivelisse
Asuka vs Ivelisse
Asuka vs Ivelisse
Asuka vs Ivelisse
Asuka vs Ivelisse
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Dream Rivalry:

Martial arts wrestling veterans who spent many years on the indies before making it on TV. Is Ivelisse ready for Asuka? Ivelisse thinks so. The Huntress has made it public that she’d like to face Asuka, and with WWE’s women’s devision expansion it could just happen sooner than later! Both known for kicks and similar styles, it would be interesting to see their differences in a 1-on-1 match. How could this dream match or rivalry play out?


2011-2012 Ivelisse wrestled for many years in Puerto Rico before she took part in WWE’s season 5 of Tough Enough. She was eliminated due to a leg injury, regardless she was signed to a WWE developmental contract. Ivelisse worked under the ring name “Sofia Cortez” in WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling, as well as on NXT. In 2012 she was released from WWE after being one of the first to report DeMott for mistreatment.

2014 After 2 years on the indies and appearances in TNA, Ivelisse made her debut in Lucha Underground where she quickly picked up popularity.

2015 After many years wrestling in Japan and on the indies, “Kana” was signed by WWE. She joined NXT as Asuka, and has since been WWE’s greatest reigning force in the women’s division.

2018 Ivelisse: “I’d want to wrestle Asuka because we have very, very similar wrestling styles. Like incredibly similar wrestling styles. I think it would mesh really well to be like a martial arts red dragon versus blue dragon type of thing and I’d really like that.”

Tale of the tape:

Asuka vs Ivelisse
NXT, WWE Known In Lucha Underground, NXT
1981 Born 1987
5’3″ Height 5’4″
137 Weight (lb) 115
2004 Debut 2002
Yuki Ishikawa Trained by Carlos Colón Sr, Quique Cruz, Savio Vega
Asuka Lock Finisher Disdain
The Empress of Tomorrow Known As The Huntress
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

It’s not unheard of to see Lucha Underground talent making their way to WWE, and Ivelisse is highly driven. It’s quite likely that this dream match will happen in the future, and it will be interesting to see in what form and when.

Likelihood Level: Bound to Happen


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