Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez

Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez
Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez
Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez
Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez
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Dream Rivalry:

It wasn’t long ago when Baron Corbin made his NXT debut and worked his way up. Punishment Martinez, is not far behind. Some argue that Punishment Martinez is what Baron Corbin failed to develop into. Both wrestlers have the look for the business and while Baron Corbin transformed away from the Lone Wolf into The Constable, Punishment Martinez is looking to develop himself further from his time in ROH and the Monster Factory. What encounter would it be if there two squared off somewhere not far down the line? Who would go over? What will they both become over the years?


2012 Baron Corbin signed with NXT, made his debut as a energetic babyface, and then repackaged with the calm “Lone Wolf” persona by 2014.

2014 Punishment Martinez trained at the Monster Factory and went on to win several titles in Monster Factory Pro Wrestling. In 2014, Martinez attended a Ring of Honor (ROH) training camp and went on to train at the ROH dojo.

2015 Martinez made his ROH debut in 2015 and wrestled in ROH since then.

2016-2017 Baron Corbin made his main roster debut and would become the WWE US Champion.

2018 Baron became known as the “Constable of Raw”, while Punishment Martinez won his first championship in ROH on June 16 2018, defeating Silas Young for the ROH World Television Championship. Martinez went on to defend against Chris Sabin and Jeff Cobb. On September 29th 2018, his contract with Ring of Honor expired and he opted out of the ROH contract offer.

Tale of the tape:

Baron Corbin vs Punishment Martinez
1984 Born 1982
6’8″ Height 6’6″
275 Weight (lb) 272
2012 Debut 2014
WWE Performance Center Trained by Monster Factory
End of Days (Modified lifting reverse STO), Deep Six (Spinning back suplex) Signature Moves South of Heaven (Chokeslam), Running Curb Stomp
“The Lone Wolf”, “The Shortcut King”, “The Constable” Known As “Punisher”, “The Punishment”
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

Yes! With the current rumor of Punishment Martinez joining WWE, this match may be bound to happen! Even in WWE, dream matches don’t happen however. If Punishment Martinez keeps on the way he has, it’s a likely match to happen.

Likelihood Level: Bound To Happen


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