Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.

Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
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Dream Rivalry:

Octagón Jr. meets his nemesis Pentagón Jr.! Kalisto, known on the indies as Samuray del Sol, faced Pentagón Jr. before, but not since signing with NXT/WWE in 2013. Pentagón Jr., known in Lucha Underground as Pentagón Dark, has since also stacked his stature across Lucha Underground, AAA, mexican promotions and all across the US indies. To see these two face off one on one again would come full circle and to the lucha libre fans, fulfill the Octagon/Pentagon rivalry once again.


2006 Kalisto trained at Windy City Pro Wrestling’s (WCPW) pro wrestling school in Chicago and made his debut after only three weeks of training. He combining his Mexican and Japanese influences, adopting the ring name “Samuray del Sol”, (Spanish for “Samurai of the Sun”) spelling “Samuray” to differentiate himself from several other workers using the name Samurai. Samuray began making a name for himself around the Midwestern US independent circuit.

2007-2011 Pentagon made his debut in 2007 as “Zairus”, according to him he was trained by Skayde. He worked as Zairus on the indies, and by 2011 began working for AAA on a regular basis as “Dark Dragon”. Samuray made his second tour of Mexico in 2011 (his first in 2010). Unfortunately Samuray suffered a serious injury at an event held by independent promotion Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU), when he landed on the concrete floor and hit his head on a guardrail after diving out of the ring onto his opponents. In the aftermath of the injury, Rodriguez began suffering from post-concussion syndrome and fell into depression and contemplated retiring from professional wrestling before receiving a call to take part in a three-day tryout camp for WWE. Though he was not offered a contract, knowing that he was on WWE’s radar reinvigorated Rodriguez to continue his career. Samuray got a spot on AAA’s reality tv program ¿Quién Pinta Para La Corona? While taking part in the program, Samuray also returned to DTU and underwent further training under veteran luchador Gran Apache, whom he credits with “perfecting [his] career”.

2012 Samuray got a roster spot at AAA and was placed in his first AAA storyline: Samuray approached Octagón backstage after a match, then AAA revealed that the fighter had been Samuray del Sol and that he had requested for Octagón to train him, which Octagón accepted after being impressed since seeing him on AAA’s reality show. (Samuray as a kid found Octagón’s in-ring style interesting and grew up with Octagón replica masks.) Octagón was then saved by Samuray del Sol after an ambush. Afterwards, Octagón gave Samuray a new mask similar to the one he was wearing himself and officially adopted him as his protégé, renaming him “Octagón Jr.” Octagón Jr. made his in-ring debut on December 2 at Guerra de Titanes, where he faced his debuting storyline nemesis (a repackaged Dark Dragon) “Pentagón Jr.”, in a six-man tag team match. The natural antagonists Pentagón Jr. and Octagón Jr. were packaged just like the original Pentagón had been the storyline arch-enemy of Octagón. Throughout 2012 and 2013, Samuray del Sol continued to work the indies heavily with his new knowledge as he wrestled in CZW, Dragongate USA, and PGW amongst others. AAA started looking to replace Samuray del Sol’s role as Octagón Jr. due to his busy independent schedule preventing him from appearing for the promotion.

2013 Samuray del Sol left AAA, leaving Pentagón Jr. without any direction or storyline. Samuray signed a developmental contract with WWE shortly after. By August, Samuray’s new ring name was revealed as “Kalisto” (NXT debut match). Pentagon Jr. continued to wrestle for AAA and built up his reputation, including becoming a vital part of the popular heel “Los Perros del Mal” stable.

2014 Pentagón was announced as one of five AAA wrestlers to star in Lucha Underground, a new American television series on El Rey. He very quickly made a name for himself with his “Cero Miedo” catchphrase and arm-breaking move. At Ultima Lucha Dos on January 31 2016, Pentagón took on the name “Pentagón Dark” in Lucha Underground. With the debut of Lucha Underground on American television, Pentagón got work on the US indies (PWG, AAW, The Crash, etc), when his AAA schedule would allow it.

2017-2018 Pentagón announced that he no longer works for AAA, citing unhappiness from feeling restricted and held back by AAA. In 2018, Pentagon resumed working with AAA, and in addition to the indies started working with Impact Wrestling and CMLL also. All the while Kalisto climbed through NXT, multiple tag teams, singles runs, and is currently in a trio team on 205 Live. Pentagon has since became a world champion in many indie promotions and faced Kenny Omega at ALL IN. He became MLW’s tag team champion with his real brother Fenix as the “Lucha Bros“. On the indies he’s been known as Pentagon El Zero, Penta el 0M, and Penta El Zero M.

Tale of the tape:

Kalisto vs Pentagon Jr.
WCPW, AAA, WWE Known In Lucha Underground, Impact, AAA, indies
1986 Born 1985
5’6″ Height 5’11”
170 Weight (lb) 207
2006 Debut 2007
WCPW, Gran Apache, WWE PC Trained by Gran Apache, Skayde
Salida del Sol Finisher Pentagon Driver
“Lu-cha Lu-cha!” Known For “Cero Miedo”
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

It’s bound to happen again somewhere down the line. It will be interesting to see if Pentagon Jr will one day sign with WWE, or if Kalisto asks for his release before then.

Likelihood Level: Bound to Happen


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