Kane vs Abyss

Kane vs Abyss
Kane vs Abyss
Kane vs Abyss
Kane vs Abyss
Kane vs Abyss
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Dream Rivalry:

“The Monster” Abyss made his masked debut in 2003 at NWA-TNA’s weekly PPVs, while Kane ran his final masked year before his monster unmasking. It’s been a dream match since the beginning, and remains to be the unlikely dream match between WWE vs TNA. While Kane is known to be originally managed by The Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer, Abyss likewise was known to be managed by James Mitchell of ECW/WCW fame. Both characters evolved throughout the years including hardcore runs, un-maskings, and eventual re-maskings. Even once Kane became “Corporate Kane” (unmasked, in a suit), Abyss has an alter ego of Joseph Parks – “Abyss’ taller brother”. A rivalry between Kane and Abyss leaves endless possibilities in the wrestling fans minds.


2003 Kane becomes an unmasked pyromaniac monster, while Abyss rules the TNA Asylum as “The Monster” Abyss.

2009 Kane became the WWE-ECW champion and was on the path to become the World Heavyweight Champion, while Abyss became known for his hardcore “Monster’s Ball” matches.

2012 Kane Resurrected with a new mask, while Abyss went missing after the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan TNA regime. Lawyer Joseph Park debuts looking for his brother Chris, “Abyss”.

2013 Kane disappears from TV, to come back and hand over his mask to “The Authority”. Corporate Kane is born. Kane switches back and forth between Corporate Kane and Masked Kane, as does Abyss between Joseph Park and Masked Abyss. Both continue their dual-persona gimmicks.

It almost happened in 2007:

On a podcast episode of Jim Ross’s “Ross Report”, Abyss revealed that he had the opportunity to go to WWE in 2006. Abyss was offered a contract to debut at the 2007 Royal Rumble and feud with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23. Tommy Dreamer orchestrated the contact between Abyss and WWE’s Head of Talent Relations at that time, John Laurinaitis. Abyss decided to stay loyal to his home company TNA which made him, and refused the contract gratefully.

Tale of the tape:

Kane vs Abyss
WWE Known In TNA, Impact
1967 Born 1973
6’8″ Height 6’6″
323 Weight (lb) 350
Dean Malenko Trained By Roger Ruffin
1992 Debut 1995
Chokeslam Finisher Black Hole Slam
Pyromania Known For Monster’s Ball
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

It can. However Abyss is now over the age of 40 and with WWE’s homegrown NXT talent coming up, it’s unlikely to ever happen at this point.

Likelihood Level: Unlikely


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