Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar

Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
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Dream Rivalry:

Two high-flyers from different worlds, known for their unique high-risk offense and recently, LED gear. In comparison, Aerostar is smaller, making Mustafa Ali the bigger opponent. How would Mustafa Ali square up as the bigger opponent? Aerostar (sometimes spelled “Aero Star”) is distinguishable by his aviator-like mask and his suicidal maneuvers. He’s the inventor of the step up tope con giro, popularized by Mascara Dorada as the Brillo Dorada. He’s equally famous for his no hands tope (La Dormilona) and a modified springboard reverse tope, almost a reverse cannibal dive. Mustafa Ali, a stand-out in his own league of WWE Cruiserweights, aims to entertain the audience with dangerous maneuvers that others won’t try. What could happen if these two meet? To heighten the tension, both of their main signature moves is the Imploding 450 Splash.


2003-2016 Aerostar began training with Abismo Negro and Gran Apache in the Mexican promotion AAA, until graduating in 2006 and given the Aerostar ring persona. Aerostar is the “Last creation of Antonio Peña” (the AAA founder who had died only months earlier – Peña’s AAA is the promotion largely responsible for bringing the “Lucha” style to the United States, with such wrestlers as Rey Mysterio Jr., Psicosis, La Parka, Konnan and others.) Peña, Fernando Fuentes and Aerostar’s father created the initial Aerostar ring gear. Aerostar has developed a rich history in AAA from starting in 2003 to continuing to wrestle for the promotion today. Meanwhile up north, Mustafa Ali retired as a police officer from the Chicago area, and worked in various US wrestling promotions, including Dreamwave Wrestling where he was a former Dreamwave Alternative Champion and Dreamwave Heavyweight Champion. Ali also appeared in other promotions, including All American Wrestling, Freelance Wrestling, GALLI Lucha Libre, IWA Mid-South, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance and Proving Ground Pro.

2014 Lucha Underground made it’s debut in 2014 which propelled many AAA stars into US indie-fame. Aerostar was added to Lucha Underground about a third of the way into the first season, where his most notable arc was a best of five match series with Drago. Lucha Underground is heavily story driven and Aerostar’s character is treated as a flying being from the stars.

2015 Aerostar made his debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), followed by Chikara in time for Chikara’s 2015 King of Trios along with Lucha Underground co-stars Drago and Fénix as “Team AAA”. He has since appeared at various US independent events.

2016 After Brazilian wrestler Zumbi was not able to participate in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic due to visa issues, WWE announced that Ali would replace him. Mustafa Ali is the first person of Pakistani descent to join WWE. He was signed to a developmental deal and wrestled on NXT until 205 Live, WWE’s weekly Cruiserweight show, made it’s debut in December.

2017-2018 Ali participated in a tournament which he won to face the Cruiserweight champion Cedric Alexander at Wrestlemania 34. Since then, Mustafa has continued to push the 205 Live limit with risk taking offense and fighting for his acceptance from the WWE audience. Aerostar continues to wrestle for AAA, Lucha Underground, and made his Impact Wrestling debut in 2018 alongside his AAA friends Drago, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. During an Impact Wrestling taping, Andrew Everett landed a hard 630 on Aerostar after which the referee threw an X symbol signaling an injury. It was later revealed that speculation of a rib injury was untrue and that Aerostar was going back to Mexico, hoping to return to perform for Impact Wrestling soon.

Tale of the tape:

Mustafa Ali vs Aerostar
WWE Known In Lucha Underground, AAA, Impact
1986 Born 1984
5’10” Height 5’6″
172 Weight (lb) 152
2003 Debut 2003
054 (Imploding 450 Splash) Signature Move Imploding 450 Splash
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

Mustafa Ali and Aerostar are from 2 different worlds. (Or 2 different galaxies?) It’s definitely possible especially with Aerostar wrestling in the US a lot more. However it’s unlikely to see Mustafa Ali leave WWE or make his way down to Mexico. If this match happens, it will not be expected.

Likelihood Level: Possible


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