Change of posts in this section!

Change of posts in this section!

This is the admin of DreamRivals. I wanted to announce the changing of the “wrestling news” section of the site. It will now become known as the “opinions” section, where wrestling fans can publish their constructed opinions and views as bits and articles on the wrestling business and entertainment product. There are many wrestling news sites and although we’re the only one that’s driven by anonymous user-submitted wrestling news, as well as the very few sites that believes in a spoiler-free environment, we don’t advertise our site anywhere therefor do not have the popularity needed to continue posting wrestling news. Thank you to all who contributed!

When this site was created, we wanted to make a home that strongly reflected the magical environment of matches that have yet to happen, the “what if’s” and largely also, that the opinions of wrestling fans matters more than the wrestling industry lets on.

With all this in mind, I welcome you to share your constructed opinions, articles, and current-event debunks of the wrestling world. It’s an open platform. Most posts will be accepted, of course some may not but not necessarily because it’s not a good opinion but rather to protect that opinion – if the case may even become. Quote a news article and give your take, speak on the current state of wrestling, share your excitement of what’s good in the industry and most of all.. Be nice to all and have fun! Quality over quantity!



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