Dean Ambrose apparently to leave WWE after WrestleMania

Dean Ambrose apparently to leave WWE after WrestleMania

WWE has confirmed that Dean Ambrose will not be renewing his contract when it expires in April. The news was first reported by PWTorch. In a rare instance, WWE issued a statement regarding Ambrose leaving the company on Tuesday.

“Dean Ambrose [Jonathan Good] will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April,” WWE officials confirmed in a statement. “We are grateful and appreciative of all that Dean has given to WWE and our fans. We wish him well and hope that one day Dean will return to WWE.”

According to the initial report, Ambrose has been unhappy with the direction his character has taken in WWE programming in recent months.

WWE reportedly attempted to re-sign Ambrose to a new five-year worth more than seven-figures per year to stay with the company. Ultimately it appears Ambrose turned down the offer and will instead exit the WWE in April.

Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE when his contract expires in April, according to Ambrose reportedly informed WWE officials about his decision over the weekend and met directly with Vince McMahon to discuss the situation.

Ambrose has long been frustrated with his creative direction. Sources close to Ambrose say he still has a passion for wrestling, but ultimately decided WWE is not the right environment for him. A WWE source told Wade Keller of PWTorch that Dean “hates hokey sh*t” and it is not entirely surprising that he finally hit a breaking point.

WWE offered Ambrose a new deal approximately two weeks ago. According to PWInsider, the new contract was for a 5 years worth over a million dollars per year. Ambrose turning down over $5 million gives you an idea of how displeased he’s been.

The Torch report states, “He’s indicated to WWE management this weekend he’s not interested in negotiating further and made it clear this isn’t about trying to get more money.”

Ambrose is expected to finish up with WWE shortly after WrestleMania. However, they could write him out of storylines sooner than that.

Dean Ambrose been a featured player in WWE since his debut with the Shield back in 2012, but he’s still only 33 years old. Now in his physical prime, the next question is what the future holds for him. He’s likely made a ton of money over the years and has some financial independence. With a passion for wrestling and the desire for more creative freedom, there are options.

After giving a disclaimer that he has not heard anything specific about Ambrose’s future, Keller expects Dean Ambrose will join All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He’s been giving off the impression that he wants to stay active in the wrestling business. He’s been described as ‘an artist with pent up desires to express himself in different ways.’



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