Goldust says he’s “nearing the end” of 30-year career

Goldust says he’s “nearing the end” of 30-year career

Dustin “Goldust” Runnells made his professional wrestling debut for Championship Wrestling From Florida in 1988. He would debut on WWE programming in 1990 during his father’s feud with Ted Dibiase.

According to the nearly 30-year professional, it’s almost time to hang up his boots. Goldust was a guest recently on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling program and insinuated his career is just about done.

“I’ve wrestled just about everybody there is to wrestle, done just about every character reincarnation that I can come up with,” the Bizarre One said. “What’s next? I’m at the end of my career here and about to be 50 in April. What else is there to do? I don’t know.”

He also mentioned he had double-knee surgery recently as well.

Goldust At All In 2?

Previously, Goldust mentioned the WWE office didn’t want him to attend his younger brother’s All In event. Cody previously made the comments on the same Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast. He also said he hopes to be at All In 2.

“It reminded me of when Cody and I won the tag team titles because it was a real thing. The storyline was so real with dad and the family against The Shield.”

“It had all the elements you needed to draw a billion dollar house and he laid it out there and he hit a home run with it. I can not wait until “All In 2.” You can bet your ass I will be at that one.”

You can listen to the full interview here.



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