Jim Ross: Chairs as weapon have “run it’s course” in pro wrestling

Jim Ross: Chairs as weapon have “run it’s course” in pro wrestling

The brutal chair shot at AEW’s Fyter Fest event has ignited a hot debate among wrestling fans on whether or not wrestlers need such unprotected chair shots to the head.

A lot of people believe that such shots should be banned completely and during his recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, wrestling legend Jim Ross provided a very different argument against the use of chairs in wrestling.

Ross said that he believes chairs as a wrestling weapon have run their course and unless someone can find a way to make them more innovative, they should get rid of it.

The former WWE Star explained his comments saying that chairs were useable objects back in the day because everybody, including the ringside fans and the studio audience, were sitting on them, so they were easily accessible.

However, nowadays nobody sits on a steel metal folding chair. The audience sits on much nicer chairs and using the older chairs as a weapon exposes the business.

Apart from this, Jim Ross also discussed the importance of protecting wrestlers from CTE, how wrestlers will need to start using their moves to win matches rather than going from one point to another and more.

Do you agree with Jim Ross’ statement about chairs being obsolete in the current era or pro wrestling? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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