Luchasaurus interview: Dusty Rhodes created my gimmick

Luchasaurus interview: Dusty Rhodes created my gimmick

AEW’s Luchasaurus didn’t wrestle at Fyter Fest but he was on-hand to give Jungle Boy a ride to his match. Previously, the dinosaur/wrestler competed in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing. He spoke with journalist Chris Van Vliet about how Dusty Rhodes was influential in creating his current gimmick and other topics.

“It didn’t come from my brain exactly,” Luchasaurus said regarding his character. “It just kind of molded over time organically and I think that’s why it works. When I was in developmental in WWE, I was working with Dusty Rhodes. He was one of the few guys that really believed in me because he saw this weird guy that had this Master’s degree have an interesting look.”

“He knew there was something like this Luchasaurus in his head and we just couldn’t put our finger on it and every week we’d try something.”

Luchasaurus was released from WWE in 2014. He then wrestled as Vibora in Lucha Underground, a member of the Reptile Tribe.

“When I got to Lucha Underground on the day I started, they were like here we got this character with a giant snake and helmet mask … Before I went out there, I ask them to cut my hair out. So we started to cut it up a little bit and then when I went out there the crowd just started chanting something to me. I thought they were making fun of me … I got to the back and they’re like ‘dude, they were chanting Luchasaurus.”

His tag-team with Jungle Boy has been referred to as “A Boy and his Dinosaur” at independent events.

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus attended the same wrestling school in 2009. Luchasaurus also spoke about how he and Jungle Boy finally began teaming together recently.

“Joey (Ryan) said hey I want to put you and Jungle Boy together as a team because I was trying to get Jungle Boy there to wrestle and then I was like wait a minute you’re right, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy sounds like a good combo. So he put us together as a team and we came out to the ring and I said why don’t you come out on my shoulder and let’s do something together.”

The full interview can be viewed in the player below:



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