Matt & Jeff Hardy staying in WWE for another year

Matt & Jeff Hardy staying in WWE for another year

According to PWinsider, Hardys’ contract had an option to extend the deal for a year with a significant pay raise and WWE chose to invoke this clause.

This means that we can expect both Matt and Jeff to stay with the company for the foreseeable future and with their return, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they are included in a significant storyline in coming weeks.

On a related note, Matt returned on TV as himself while abandoning the ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy gimmick which he was using before his hiatus.

In the interview after the show as seen below, the former Champion mentioned that he has learned to control the ‘woken wonder’ that’s inside him:

This likely means that the company is not planning to use the gimmick anytime soon and we can expect Matt to be himself for his latest run as one half of the Hardy Boyz.

Though with the legal dispute over the gimmick being settled, WWE can bring the character back anytime they want. So it would be interesting to see when the Woken Matt Hardy reappears on their programming.



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