NJPW bans English-language swearing and middle fingers

NJPW bans English-language swearing and middle fingers

“New Japan Wrestling is about to change now,” NJPW’s press release states. “Even if you do not want to change it’s coming to a stage (scale) you have to change. It is a story of moral rather than a story of the content of the game.”

The press release continues to say certain actions of wrestlers were previously not a problem. Now that NJPW is broadcast all over the world, however, these same things will now need to change.

“Now that it has become possible to see New Japan Wrestling from all over the world,” the release continues. “There are things that can be regarded as a problem if it is from overseas.”

“For example, setting up a middle finger or emitting a broadcast prohibited word (swear word) by live broadcast is absolutely out of rule on broadcasting and ethics from overseas, even if it is not a pin for a Japanese customer.”

The press release even continues to say that wrestlers using heel-like tactics often does not translate well into society at large.

There was no mention of Tama Tonga in the press release. The release continues to say they will take action against offending wrestlers in the future. It does not appear any action has been taken against Tama Tonga or any members of the Firing Squad at this time, however.

source: https://www.sescoops.com/njpw-bans-english-language-swearing-additional-new-rules-implemented/


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