Pentagon & Fenix to WWE is unlikely

Pentagon & Fenix to WWE is unlikely

There has been a significant update in the ongoing saga that is the Pentagon and Fenix to WWE speculation.

Both Lucha Brothers have once again started to accept indy bookings in 2019. The rumors of Pentagon and Fenix going to WWE were kickstarted by the pair trying to free their schedule for next year.

The status of the Lucha Brothers was discussed in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“(Pentagon and Fenix) have started making commitments to promoters for next year,” Dave Meltzer wrote. “Which indicates they aren’t planning on doing anything (in WWE) anytime soon.”

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix Rumors

The report continues to speculate it might be the brothers’ Lucha Underground contracts which prevent them from signing with WWE. It had previously been reported the pair felt they had an opt-out clause following the completion of Season 4 airing. The El Rey Network has already committed to the 5th season of the show.

At a recent PCW event, Pentagon addressed the WWE rumors by saying he’s not going anywhere.

“Respect that I am the PCW Champion and no one is going to take that from me,” Pentagon said. “Thank you very much! And before I forget. I am not going anywhere. Penta will be in PCW for many, more years.”

Pentagon and Fenix teamed up last night on Impact Wrestling to defeat the Cult of Lee. The pair is also tag-team champions in MLW and will wrestle on the CMLL Anniversary show today.



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