[Rumor] CM Punk makes a masked indie in-ring appearance

[Rumor] CM Punk makes a masked indie in-ring appearance

At an MKE independent event in Wisconsin, Punk appeared on the show under a mask, and did a run-in during an Ace Steel vs. Daryck St. Holmes bout.

Silas Young, and a Reddit user claiming to own the MKE promotion, confirmed that it was Punk under the hood in this Reddit thread.

Punk, delivered a GTS to St. Holmes at the behest of Dave Prazak, as seen in the video below.

CM Punk Returns To Wrestling At MKE

Young furthered the idea that it was Punk on his Twitter account on Saturday. Young can also be spotted in the above video, filming the angle.

Punk, Steel, and Prazak are friends from the Midwest indy scene, dating back two decades. Friday’s MKE show was the last wrestling event that will be held in the St. West Allis, Wisconsin Knights of Columbus hall.

Further Evidence Of CM Punk Return

For those still skeptical as to whether or not this was actually Punk, there is further evidence.

Punk was spotted at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu or amateur wrestling tournament in West St. Allis the same day, where he took a photo with a fan.

The masked man doing the run-in happens to be wearing the same clothes that Punk wore that day.

Additionally, Punk liked several tweets regarding the show.

Not The First Time?

Barstool Sports personality Robbie Fox claims that this is not the first time that Punk has made a wrestling appearance under a mask in recent years.

According to Fox, video of some of Punk’s earlier stunts might have been included in Colt Cabana’s Wrestling Road Diaries 3, if not for Punk and Cabana’s falling out.

If Fox is correct, Friday’s appearance is not Punk’s first appearance in five years, but just his first that has become public knowledge.

Source: https://www.sescoops.com/cm-punk-returns-to-wrestling-at-indy-show-video/


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