[Rumor] Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson not re-signing with WWE

[Rumor] Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson not re-signing with WWE

As previously noted, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have reportedly turned down multi-million dollar contracts and are on their way out of WWE once their current deals end, according to PWInsider. The duo is apparently unsatisfied with how they have been used in recent years.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that “The Good Brothers” have not signed new deals with WWE, and he mentioned how Gallows & Anderson aren’t the only stars who have held off on re-signing. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos have contacts due much sooner than Gallows & Anderson’s September deadline and they also have yet to re-sign with WWE.

It was noted how AEW has regularly talked about wanting tag teams in the main event spots on their upcoming shows. Not only that, but Gallows & Anderson are also good friends with The Elite after their lengthy run in New Japan as a part of The Bullet Club. Before there was ever competition from AEW, Gallows/Anderson and other WWE stars were likely being offered less money from the company.

The new attitude backstage from WWE officials is that signing these initial contract offers is crucial, and if the individual lets up on the money currently offered, they will completely lose the chance at such a lucrative deal.

Meltzer thinks that the future contracts offered will ultimately reflect the continuing levels of success from All Elite Wrestling. If AEW starts losing momentum, it’s true that the WWE superstars that are holding out may see their overall wages decrease, however, once the expected TV deal for AEW is announced, it is believed that those stars will have increased leverage over their contracts.

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