Sting shares ideas he had for feud with the Undertaker

Sting shares ideas he had for feud with the Undertaker

Sting has made it well known in various interviews over the years that he wanted a match with the Undertaker under the WWE banner. However, fans never got to see that match due to Sting being in WCW then TNA and having his career cut short due to injury.

Seth Rollins wrestled Sting for the WWE Title at the 2015 Night of Champions PPV, which marked Sting’s last match after he suffered a neck injury after taking a powerbomb in the corner.

The WWE Hall of Famer talked about a potential feud with “The Deadman” in the WWE during an appearance on The Apter Chat and his ideas that he had for it if it was ever booked by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Sting stated that he had so many ideas that developed over a couple of decades based on both of their characters and that they are so similar that he wanted to have some special effects and holograms go on. “I had some ideas that would have rocked everybody.”

Sting continued by stating that it would have matched both characters and he thinks that it would have left people with their jaws open and very entertained. He brought up doing disappearing acts where he could come out of the portal over there on the north side of the arena than to the east and more. He also had an idea that they would have people dressed up as him in different parts of the arena and trying to have people guess which one was him.



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