The Rock’s daughter training at WWE Performance Center

The Rock’s daughter training at WWE Performance Center

The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson, has previously expressed interest in pursuing a career in wrestling. According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, the 17-year-old already attends training sessions at the WWE Performance Center.

Simone spoke to the Hollywood Reporter last year about wanting to pursue a career in wrestling.

“It’s a sport that is unlike anything else in the world,” she said. “There’s just a certain amount of passion that every move and match requires, and that’s so admirable. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and want to pursue.”

Simone Johnson and The Rock

Simone Johnson was named Golden Globes ambassador last year. When asked, however, she stressed a career in film isn’t something she’s currently interested in pursuing.

“As much as I love and admire the film industry,” she continued. “I don’t see myself pursuing a career in it at the moment. I plan to study business in college — NYU, hopefully — and after graduating, I want to pursue wrestling and eventually transition into talent management.”

In other family news, Simone Johnson’s Grandfather, Rocky Johnson, will be featured in a biopic on his life. The movie will be titled “Ring King”. There is no word on a release date or if any other members of the family will be involved, however.

It was previously reported that The Rock announced his daughter’s interest in wrestling.

“I’m so proud of my daughter. She watched when I returned to WWE probably 5 years ago, when I became WWE Champion, had that great run with John Cena, back to back WrestleMania main events,” Rock said. “She instantly became hooked and became a fan. Not only that but the best part about that has been all the research and the studying that she does.

I always tell her the ring will always be there, literally the 23 foot x 23 foot ring, the squared circle, will always be there. Your job is to make sure you understand the business of professional wrestling. Top to bottom, 360 degrees. Know everybody’s job from promo all the way down to wrestler, everything.

Having that mindset has been great, all the studying she’s been doing, all the conversations we’ve been having. I never would have imagined that and it’s such a cool, cool thing. I have 3 daughters. I have her, who is 16, a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old, so who knows what might happen. It’s so cool though, when your child wants to follow in your footsteps. It’s just dope, I love it.”



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