TJP released from WWE

TJP released from WWE

TJ Perkins was among several WWE wrestlers released from the company on Friday. The former Cruiserweight Champion was vocal about his frustrations in recent weeks, but was gracious to WWE after his departure.

Perkins has been tweeting about the situation and provides more details on what led to him leaving WWE. He wrote, “Hey so there’s a lot of messages/tweets/texts/emails/calls for me right now and it’s a bit overwhelming. If I miss your message here I apologize. Many are expressing sadness, and thank you, but its ok. And those who hate me w/a passion, thank you too. Sincerely. Thx for watching.”

A fan asked him if he got in trouble for recently getting new tattoos. He replied, “I mean, the boss thought they were pretty cool last Tuesday when we met …and also when he gave me permission to get them 6 months ago.”

He also set the record straight on reports that he was disgruntled behind the scenes. “There was nothing negative,” he said on Twitter. “I have been swinging for the fences quietly behind the curtain for a year and this was a “spread your wings” thing. Boss said he respected my effort and diligence and it just didn’t fit what they wanted. It’s not my call, and I’m cool with it.”

When asked if he quit WWE or if it was their decision. Perks says he doesn’t believe in quitting and both sides worked together to find a meaningful role for him on television.

“Thought about it several times but no I never believe in quitting. For months the mutual goal was to find a way for me to accomplish my goals on a bigger platform. Tuesday was the same. But inevitably that doesn’t fit into what they want to do. I’m only a cog in a big machine.”

Perkins also said his goal in WWE was to represent Filipinos and he’s proud to keep that goal alive with whatever is next. So what is next for TJP? Follow him on Twitter at @MegaTJP to find out.



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