WWE PC welcomes Shane Strickland, Kushida, and Garza Jr.

WWE PC welcomes Shane Strickland, Kushida, and Garza Jr.

We reported the news of WWE signing Japanese Star Kushida recently, and he made his in-ring debut for the company during the most recent TV tapings of NXT.

After his debut, the company published an article on their website in which they confirmed that Kushida and two other long-rumored international stars have joined the WWE performance center.

The names that have joined the WWE PC alongside the Japanese star include indie star Stephon ‘Shane’ Strickland and third-generation luchador Humberto Garza aka Garza Jr.

Shane Stickland started his wrestling career in 2011 and he has since wrestled for a number of known wrestling promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling and Major League Wrestling.

Shane also worked for Lucha Underground with a mask where he was dubbed as Killshot. Stickland has been rumored to join the promotion for a while but his contract with LU is believed to be a reason for the delay in his signing.

On the other hand, Garza Jr made his name while wrestling for various Mexican promotions. He is the nephew of WCW’s Hector Garza and cousin to the current 205 Live star Humberto Carrillo.

So far there is no news on when these two will make their in-ring debut for the company but considering their experience, it shouldn’t take very long.

Source: https://www.sescoops.com/3-new-names-join-wwe-performance-center/


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