WWE Performance Center launches new YouTube channel

WWE Performance Center launches new YouTube channel

The WWE Performance Center has launched a new YouTube channel that will give viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the top up and coming talents in the sport.

For years, the WWE Performance Center has been the landing spot for athletes looking to join the organization as well as a home for current superstars looking to hone their game or work back into shape when coming back from injury.

Most notably, the WWE Performance Center has been the first stop for future superstars en route to NXT or the main roster and the new channel will give a deeper look at those stories.

The first few features on the new WWE Performance Center YouTube channel have already launched including a behind the scenes look at Matt Riddle’s first day arriving in NXT.

‘The King of Bros’ has been regarded as one of the top talents on the independent circuit for several years and his arrival in WWE was a welcome sight.

The feature on Riddle goes beyond his arrival in WWE as the former UFC fighter also describes how tough the road was to get here in the first place.

Among the other videos already available on the new YouTube channel including a look at how WWE action figures are made as well as a fantasy game where superstars pick their own ‘War Games’ teams ahead of the highly anticipated card coming up in NXT.

The new channel promises ‘real life stories’ for the superstars coming through the WWE Performance Center so this will be one more way to see another side of the athletes who are all trying to become household names in the future.

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