WWE Releases “Walk With Elias” EP

WWE Releases “Walk With Elias” EP

WWE has released the highly anticipated solo album from WWE Superstar Elias, and it doesn’t disappoint. Created completely in-character, the entire album appears to consist of Elias insulting his listeners and occasionally bragging about himself. Titled Walk With Elias, the album consists of just four tracks.

“I’m waiting for a town that’s not such a disgrace,” Elias croons in ‘The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To’. “But I see so many stupid people I want to punch them in the face.”

In the touching piano ballad ‘Nothing I Can’t Do’, Elias sings, “You didn’t know what to expect. Didn’t know what you were gonna see. You were living life in the dark before I came on your TV. But now I’m here and nothing is the same. Oh you’re never gonna forget my name.”

“Hey hey hey hey,” he says in the acoustic track ‘Walk With Me’. “Hey hey hey hey. Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey hey.”

“That got me thinking. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I misjudged them. And then I remembered. Everyone thinks they’re so special, and I’m here to tell you that you’re not,” says Elias in ‘Elias’ Words’. “The only words that matter in life are the ones that Elias got. And don’t you forget it.”

All four of the tracks are up on YouTube, and you can purchase the album on iTunes and Spotify, as well as at WWE live events. To coincide with the release, WWE will air Elias: Live from Bourbon Street on the WWE Network immediately after Monday Night Raw tonight. On July 30th, they will air Walk with Elias: The Documentary, a behind-the-scenes film about the making of the album.

Check out some of the tracks below:

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