Petey Williams vs Adam Cole

Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
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Dream Rivalry:

Canadian Destroyer vs Panama Sunrise, Canada vs USA, Team Canada vs The Undisputed Era, it’s the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams vs Adam Cole BAY BAY!! Who would size up for the W? Who would come out on top in a feud? It’s no secret that Petey Williams invented the flip piledriver and it was received with quite a bit of criticism as to the reality of the opponent needing to carry the move through and landing on their head. Nearly 2 decades later, Adam Cole gets in hot water with Petey over the name of the move he originated being called what Adam Cole chooses to call it as the move stood out during the NXT’s Halftime Heat 3 on 3 tag match in 2019. If these two were to square off in a ring, what could be of it? Would one benefit more from the feud than the other, or is this an indie dream match?


Petey Williams was trained alongside Chris Sabin by Scott D’Amore at the Can-Am Wrestling School in 2002. In 2004, Petey made his debut in TNA as a part of Team Canada alongside team mates of Teddy Hart, Johnny Devine, Jack Evans, and then joined by Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Petey Williams became the TNA X Division Champion. Early in his title reign, Williams claimed that the Canadian Destroyer could not be countered. Petey feuded with superb talent of Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, and Amazing Red.

Adam Cole was trained at the Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Wrestling Academy in 2008 by DJ Hyde and Jon Dahmer. By 2012, Adam Cole had wrestled the best of the indie talent such as Johnny Gargano, Sami Callihan, Kyle O’Reilly, Kevin Steen, Chuck Taylor, Ricochet, AR Fox, Zack Sabre Jr, Sabian and Ruckus. He became the ROH World Champion and joined Bullet Club for a short time before signing with the WWE.

2017 While Adam Cole established a successful faction called the “The Undisputed Era” with Robert Strong, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (REDragon), Petey Williams made a return to the TNA-rooted promotion Impact Wrestling.

2019 Adam Cole appeared on 2019 Halftime Heat in a 3-on3 tag match with other NXT talent. The match featured his signature move (the flip piledriver) which the announcers called the “Panama Sunrise“. Petey Williams went on to comment on the spot as being of most disrespect as he is the originator of the flip piledriver which he named the Canadian Destroyer.

Tale of the tape:

Petey Williams vs Adam Cole
TNA, ROH, Impact, indies Known In WWE, NXT,
1981 Born 1989
5’7″ Height 6’0″
179 Weight (lb) 210
2002 Debut 2008
Scott D’Amore Trained by Al Snow, DJ Hyde, Jon Dahmer, Les Thatcher, Shawn Michaels
Canadian Destroyer Signature Move Panama Sunrise
“The Canadian Destroyer” Dubbed “Adam Cole, BAYBAY!”
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

You never know if Petey Williams shows up in NXT, or if Adam Cole leaves the WWE for AEW or the indies. It would be special to see the encounter between the two similarly compared competitors and see their big differences in a fair size up. While it can, and never say never, this one is mostly up in the air but being that Adam Cole has the better hand of being in the WWE and Petey Williams is not as young as Adam Cole, it may not be a match up that we will come to see.

Likelihood Level: Unlikely


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