Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart

Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart
Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart
Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart
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Dream Rivalry:

The battle of the jumpers, the battle of the brawlers without fears of heights and bumps. Friends in the business, similar styles – what would this match look like and who would out-do who?? We may not ever find out, but the matchup is an interesting comparison between two legends of the wrestling business. With Teddy Hart’s new resurgence at MLW, it becomes more and more of a comparison with Shane McMahon’s return to WWE in a wrestling role. Let’s face it, they kind of even look alike.


1998 Teddy Hart became the youngest person ever to be signed to a World Wrestling Federation developmental contract, and was sent to train with Dory Funk, Jr. at the “Funkin’ Conservatory“. However, he was later released by the WWF, due to alleged attitude problems. Meanwhile Shane McMahon only appeared as an on-screen character, son of Mr. Vincent McMahon.

1999-2005 Teddy Hart wrestled for ROH, TNA, and MLW, all while Shane McMahon began to wrestle in the WWF/WWE. Shane McMahon would be known as the risk-taker and unafraid to take big bumps.

2005-2007 Teddy Hart made several appearances with WWE, wrestling in dark matches on Velocity. He took part in short-lived promotion Wrestling Society X. When WSX folded, Hart moved to Florida in hopes of earning a development deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, which he received. After being re-signed, he was assigned to the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental facility of WWE. Hart appeared at the July 18 Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping, and also teamed with Harry Smith as the “Next Generation Hart Foundation“. By October 2007 however, Teddy Hart was released.

2007 and after Hart made his AAA debut, as well as returned to indie wrestling promotions, JAPW, and ROH.

2018 Hart returned to Major League Wrestling (MLW) with a second wind to his wrestling career. He would continue the Hart faction, this time with Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Teddy and Shane would run into each other at the airport and Teddy tweeted the following:

Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart


The moonsault elbowdrop!

vs.. The announcer-table elbowdrop!

Tale of the tape:

Shane McMahon vs Teddy Hart
WWE Known In Indies, MLW
1970 Born 1980
6’2″ Height 6’1″
230 Weight (lb) 200
1990 Debut 1995
Tom Prichard, Al Snow, Phil Nurse, Sgt. Slaughter Trained by Ross Hart, Bruce Hart, Leo Burke, Dory Funk Jr.
– Coast to Coast (Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick, usually driving a garbage can into the face of the opponent)
– Leap of Faith (Diving elbow drop, sometimes to the outside of the ring)
Signature Moves – Open Hart Surgery (Somersault corkscrew senton)
– Stu Hart Special (Gory special flipped into a sitout powerbomb)
– Hart Attack 2.0 (Shooting star elbow drop)
– Hart Breaker / Triple Bypass (Shooting star legdrop)
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

While Teddy and Shane are friends, they are wrestlers in 2 different worlds. While the WWE could always hire Teddy Hart, it’s not likely for that to happen and the demand for this match isn’t as high as MLW fans would like. Regardless, it’s not impossible and would still be an amazing matchup of amazing jumps and brawling.

Likelihood Level: Unlikely


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