The Miz vs MJF

The Miz vs MJF
The Miz vs MJF
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Dream Rivalry:

WWE’s arrogant TV star-wrestler Mike Mizanin is known for his promo abilities and in-ring consistency. Meet Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, an arrogant wrestler from the indies looking to make his way up to TV star-wrestler status. When or if, these two meet on a big stage, the match and rivalry possibilities are endless. The imbalance between the two: Miz being an experienced tv performer and MJF being an indie wrestler similar to Daniel Bryan yet with more promo arrogance. Could this encounter happen? What would it look like? And who would come out on top after this rivalry?


2001-2015: The Miz In 2001, Miz took part in reality shows such as The Real World. During an episode of The Real World, Mizanin first displayed an alter ego known as The Miz. In contrast to Mizanin’s usually placid demeanor, The Miz was angry, combative and headstrong. Mizanin later realized that The Miz would make an excellent professional wrestling gimmick. Pursuing the goal of becoming a professional wrestler, Mizanin joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). In 2004, Mike Mizanin entered the fourth season of Tough Enough (2004). Miz was eventually offered a developmental contract and was sent to Deep South Wrestling, and then later to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Miz made his SmackDown debut in 2006. Miz went from interviewing to teaming with John Morrison in 2007, to winning the US Championship and teaming with the Big Show in 2009, and by 2010 became the WWE Champion. He appeared on the NXT competition show as the storyline “pro” mentor of “rookie” Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan then was an international established indie wrestler who lacked tv showmanship. The two did not get along for obvious reasons. Miz would then team with R-Truth and become the Intercontinental Champion by 2012. in 2013, The Miz became known as The Hollywood A-Lister in WWE by adopting a movie star persona inspired by his side-career of acting. By 2014, Damien Sandow became his “stunt double” (known as Damien Mizdow). Shortly after, The Miz went on a losing run.

2015: MJF Maxwell Jacob Feinstein was trained by Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) and Pat Buck and made his in-ring debut in their Create A Pro Wrestling Academy during February 2015. He wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling and Five Borough Wrestling during his debut year and went on to appear in numerous promotions across the northeastern independent wrestling circuit.

2016 The Miz had his career resurrected with the return of his wife, Maryse. He became the Intercontinental Champion and feuded around the title. The Miz went on a highly praised tirade against SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan for calling him a coward, with Miz calling Bryan a “coward” for not returning to the ring when he promised the fans he would.

2017 In 2017 at CZW Sacrifices, MJF defeated Johnny Yuma to win the CZW Wired Championship. He would defend it against Trevor Lee and feud with Joey Janela. MJF also made his debut with Major League Wrestling. Meanwhile, The Miz began an alliance with The Miztourage consisting of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

2018 The Miz resumed his rivalry with Daniel Bryan, who became cleared to wrestle again. Meanwhile, MJF defeated Rickey Shane Page to win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship, and defeated Joey Ryan for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. MJF participated in the indie PPV ALL IN, facing veteran Matt Cross.

Tale of the tape:

The Miz vs MJF
WWE Known In MLW, CZW, indies
1985 Born 1996
6’2″ Height 5’11”
221 Weight (lb) 216
2003 Debut 2015
Al Snow, Bill DeMott, Ultimate Pro Wrestling Trained by Pat Buck, Brian Myers
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

The Miz isn’t leaving the WWE for the indies, altho in wrestling, never say never. With MJF’s wrestling and physical abilities, he is likely to make it to WWE sooner or later if he keeps at it. Overtime, it may become likely to happen.

Likelihood Level: Possible


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