Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny

Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny
Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny
Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny
Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny
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Dream Rivalry:

The Leone/Fifita brothers against the Fatu/Uso brothers (Fatu twins) of the WWE. The Uso brothers made a name for themselves in the WWE from the colorful Samoan face paint and colorful gear to the “Day One-Ish” attitude. Guerrillas of Destiny made a name for themselves in NJPW as the Bullet Club OGs tag team Guerrillas of Destiny (G.O.D.). With the previously posted Dream Match of Roman Reigns vs Tama Tonga, what if the rivalry involved Roman’s cousins Jey and Jimmy? We could go into a 3 on 3 if you throw in Tama’s cousin Bad Luck Fale into the mix, as well. But let’s look into the history and compare these two tag teams in particular.


2008 Alipate Leone (Tama Tonga) and his biological cousin and adoptive brother Tevita Fifita (Tanga Loa) are sons of professional wrestler Tonga Fifita (Haku / Meng / King Tonga). The brothers used the ring they had at the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment training school. They did not join the school at the time as they were being trained directly by their father and Ricky Santana, a family friend. To practice more frequently they eventually joined the Academy and were partly trained by the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley). The brothers made their professional debut in November 2008, wrestling under the names Kava and Nuku, and the tag team name “Sons of Tonga” (referencing their father) in Southern Championship Wrestling (Florida).

2009 The Tonga brothers took part in a WWE tryout camp, which resulted in Loa being signed to a contract, while Tama (Kava) traveled to wrestle in World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) and Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council (WWC). Loa wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as “Agent T” and then “Donny Marlow“. In November, Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu) appeared at the FCW television tapings, accompanying Donny Marlow (Tanga Loa) to the ring.

2010 The Fatu Brothers tagged in FCW and were associated with Donny Marlow (Tanga Loa) before gaining a manager. Meanwhile Tama Tonga traveled to Japan, joining New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) in May 2010 and became known as “Tama Tonga“. That same month, “The Usos” made their RAW debut with Tamina. Meanwhile by 2011, Tanga Loa became the new enforcer of Hunico, and his new ring name was revealed as Camacho.

2013 Tama became a founding member of the Bullet Club stable, alongside Prince Devitt, Bad Luck Fale, and Karl Anderson. Tama Tonga adopted the “Bad Boy” moniker from his time in CMLL with Bullet Club member “The Bad Boy” El Terrible.

2014 The Usos captured their first WWE Tag Team Championship titles. Meanwhile, Camacho (Tanga Loa) was let out of his WWE contract after disassociating from Hunico and jobbing to Adam Rose. Loa appeared in TNA Impact as Micah in 2015-2016.

2016-2018 The Usos found a lot of success as a tag team and their Samoan chant, bright colors, face paint, and association with Rikishi and Naomi. The Usos then went on to Smackdown as part of the WWE Draft brand-split and re-imagined their characters as “Day One Ish“. Meanwhile Tama Tonga brought his brother into NJPW, who was given the ring name “Tanga Loa“, with their tag team dubbed “Guerrillas of Destiny” (G.O.D.). The brothers together came up with their team name, which references their feeling of “fighting for a cause” and the belief that destiny had brought them back together. The team’s acronym stemmed from Tama’s ring name meaning “God of War” and Loa’s ring name meaning “Family of God” in the Polynesian Islands. The Guerrillas of Destiny soon after became the new IWGP Tag Team Champions, and by 2017 became the IWGP Tag Team Champions 3 times. By 2018, they became the 3-time NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions with Bad Luck Fale and Taiji Ishimori.) Compared to The Usos: who became 2-time WWE Tag Team Champions and 3-time WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The Guerrillas of Destiny have since developed further attitude and rebellion with Tama’s claim to Bullet Club. Many compare the attitude to that of Jimmy and Jey Uso’s, in the WWE PG world.

Tale of the tape:

Usos vs Guerrillas of Destiny
WWE Known In NJPW, CMLL, Indies
1985/1985 Born 1982/1983
6’1″/6’2″ Height 6’0″/6’2″
479lb Combined Weight 430lb
2009 Debut 2008
Wild Samoan Training Center, Rikishi Trained by Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Ricky Santana, Tonga Fifita
Who would win this rivalry?

Can it happen?

You know it can. “The Good Brothers” Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their way to WWE as did Finn Balor and AJ Styles. According to Tama, he refused 2 offers from the WWE. Tanga Loa already had a WWE run prior. The Usos wouldn’t be leaving the WWE, but seeing the G.O.D. move on to the WWE is always a possibility, if G.O.D. can just tone it down to the PG level..

Likelihood Level: Possible


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